This is the best dinner you can prepare after training

What can you include in your post-workout dinners?

If you are practicing exercise because you have marked a specific sports goal, or simply because you want to gain muscle mass, it is essential that you know how to feed yourself correctly by ingesting all the nutrients your body needs to face the daily training.

Many people who practice sports regularly think that they should follow a very strict diet after training to not recover the calories and fat that they have lost during training.

But the truth is that, precisely, all those who practice physical exercise on a regular basis should follow a healthy, balanced and varied diet, in which all those essential nutrients that the body needs are present. We present the perfect dinner that you can prepare after each workout. It’s simple, but it will provide everything you need:

Proteins are an essential nutrient for a complete recovery after physical exercise. And, when the rate of protein synthesis is greater than that of destruction, the muscles become stronger. This is the reason why proteins are an indispensable nutrient after training.

And now surely you’ll ask yourself: What are the best proteins I can take after training? Well, you should know that almost all protein-rich foods are ideal for dinner after training:

1. Serrano ham

If you have a few slices of ham in the fridge, do not deprive yourself of taking them after training. And, the proteins of the ham are very healthy and will provide energy to your muscles.

However, if you are trying to lose weight, you should take another type of protein-rich food at dinner, since Serrano ham contains fats, which can prevent you from losing weight.

In this sense, jerky is an ideal food to take as a main course in a dinner after training because, having no fat, allows you to maintain your goal of losing weight.

2. Eggs

One of the most complete and protein-laden foods you can take after a hard workout is, without a doubt, the egg. Thanks to many of the amino acids that they contain, eggs are the perfect food to achieve physical recovery. In addition, 100 grams of the egg will only give you 155 calories, provided you cook them poached, cooked or passed through water.

3. Fish

A good piece of fish can also be the ideal dinner after a hard training session. And it is that the fish, especially the blue one, contains all the essential amino acids that the organism needs but, in addition, it is good food for the cardiovascular health, it is easily digested, and it is very versatile at the time of cooking it.

4. Quinoa

If you want to ensure a good protein intake after training, your dinner should not miss quinoa, a pseudo-cereal that contains a complete vegetable protein, and also contains high doses of fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and iron. There are plenty of reasons to include quinoa in your post-workout dinners.

5. Yogurt

If you train every day, you should also be very aware of your bones, ensuring that they never lack calcium. Therefore, you can complete your post-workout dinner with a more than healthy dessert: yogurt, an indispensable source of animal protein, which is also rich in calcium and vitamin B2 and B12.