What are the best meats to lose weight?

When starting a diet we always consider what foods may be better to accelerate weight loss, as well as what type of food we feel better or worse and can make us feel more bloated and with heavier digestions. It is therefore important to consult with a specialist and that it is he who is responsible for designing a diet tailored to our needs.

One of those food groups that awakens us the most are the meats. If you want to solve this point and find out which are the healthiest meats, in this article we offer you a selection of which are the best meats to lose weight and achieve optimal results.

The best meats to lose weight

After times of excess in meals and dinners at parties or vacations, we always take a few kilos and it leads us to consider a diet that helps us lose weight safely and as quickly as possible. If you want to take ideas and know what are the best meats to lose a few kilos, take note and plan your diet:

1. Rabbit meat

One of the healthiest meats is rabbit meat because of its low-fat content, as well as being very nutritious and balanced. It is also one of the most used meats in weight loss diets and it is estimated that its fat content is only 5%, being even lower in the meat of the loin and legs. In addition, it allows you to introduce a wide variety of dishes in your diet as it can be prepared in many ways and always with a delicious taste.

2. Veal

Although beef is meat with more fat and something less digestive than the rabbit, there are some cuts that have less fat, are more tender and have a milder flavor. In addition, beef is a source of protein and minerals such as iron, magnesium or zinc. The best variety and the softest is the white veal meat because it is the most tender, with less fat and easier digestion.

3. Chicken

Chicken meat is also low in fat and very nutritious, in addition to being able to cook in multiple ways and be very digestive. The chicken breast is one of the most recommended pieces for its high protein content and low fat. The rest of the parts of the chicken are equally good for losing weight, being advisable to opt for quality chicken meat like poultry. It is better to choose to eat chicken without skin since it has more fat.

4. Turkey

The consumption of turkey has become more popular and nowadays it is easy to find it in all the butcher shops. Turkey meat is also low in fat and calories, being also very nutritious. Its composition includes potassium, zinc, magnesium, and it is also very rich in folic acid.

Although there are diets that eliminate the consumption of all kinds of meats to lose weight, the truth is that knowing how to choose the type of meat and the piece to consume, it does not have to contribute a lot of calories or hinder our weight loss process. Anyway, if you appreciate that the meat feels bad or does not give you good digestions, then you should go to a specialist doctor to advise you what to do about maintaining, reducing or eliminating the consumption of meat in your usual diet.

Also, keep in mind that weight-loss diets always have to take center stage vegetables and fruits, assuming meat and fish a lower percentage in the daily diet.