Running is one of the most practiced sports in the world. To do it we do not need great equipment, it helps us to stay in shape quickly and it is very beneficial for our body. The usual thing is to practice it on land or asphalt, but it can also be done inside the water. Thus the aqua running modality is born, or in other words, to train in the water in an efficient and simple way.

The benefits of running in the water

Being soft training, the aqua running is a fantastic technique to treat possible injuries that we may have suffered while running on the asphalt. This method offers a great number of benefits for our body and will improve mainly our cardiovascular and muscular system.

It is a type of perfect training to carry out rehabilitation exercises. Most of the movements that are made in the aqua running are usually not abrupt or aggressive and also help us the facilities offered by the environment in which we exercise. Water is an ideal support to carry out this type of activity, the body weighs less and we can work specifically on the mobility of joints and muscles. Mainly the exercises that we are going to carry out will be based on the movements that we make while we run, like the ones we use in training for the half marathon. But in this case, doing them in the water will be much more advantageous because we will be working all the areas of our body and we will influence the specific movements of the running without suffering the impact that occurs when we run on the asphalt or another type of terrain.

Also, we strengthen our muscles, with special emphasis on those who are weaker due to the injuries we present. Ideally for these exercises to give us an optimal result is to carry them out without touching the bottom of the pool, so we will stay upright and at the same time, we will be stretching the lower extremities. Water is a medium that gives us much more resistance than the earth, so we will help this feature to work the strength of the muscles in a simpler way.

On the other hand, training in the water is a great technique as cardiovascular training and especially thanks to the exercises we perform in the water we will be preparing much more our body for future activities, which will avoid the risk of injury. With aqua running the muscles work all at once and in a parallel way, so we will not suffer overload nor muscle stress.

What is aqua running?

Aqua running emerged in the United States, but it would soon reach Europe with great acceptance success because it is an excellent practice to treat injuries. It is a training system that involves performing non-aggressive exercises in water, is a method to keep us in shape and improve the functioning of our muscles. As the name suggests, this technique combines swimming activities with specific exercises for runners. Thanks to this training we can affirm that you can also practice running in the water.

This type of training includes movements that anyone can perform with ease since it should not be forgotten that it is used mainly as a treatment for muscle injuries. On the other hand, we must add that water is an excellent means to carry them out, since within it we have the feeling that our body weight decreases.

A suitable technique

Although this method of training does not involve dangerous exercises and as with any sports method to practice it correctly, we must attend to the different techniques that are recommended to obtain the best results. The first thing to keep in mind is that whenever we perform aqua running we will have to remain in an upright position. The moment you make a movement your body will tend to lean forward. Try that this inclination is the minimum possible and as long as you can keep the trunk straight. Regarding the shoulders, the ideal is that you always have them at the height of the water and if you can take them out a bit. In any case, it is essential that you have them relaxed to avoid muscular tensions.

The practice of aqua running is done without touching the bottom of the pool. This way you will be able to stretch your legs a lot more, although your hips and knees should be slightly bent to be able to perform the movements correctly. As with running, in the water, we must also control our breathing very well. Measure the times, and relax as much as you can. Of course, avoid any sudden movement and if you notice discomfort at some point of training for exercise quickly. Finally, you will have to do the activities by bringing the gluteus a little backward and swinging the arms continuously.

Training session

In any running workout, the first step that takes place is the warm-up and with the exercise in the water, you must do the same. The normal thing is to perform smooth movements on the water for five or ten minutes and then move on to the main session. You can start by doing a few laps in the pool and then include exercises with a little more intensity where you limit the techniques of running in the water. Raise knees several times, perform long strides, walk on the site … are some of the movements you can carry out. If you are a beginner in this aqua running, we recommend that you start with a session of between 30 and 40 minutes and gradually increase the duration of it until you reach at least one hour.

Once you have finished your session do not forget to perform the stretches. You will also have to do them in the water and this is a fundamental part to prevent your injury from getting worse or suffering from new ones. For this, you can grab the edge of the pool and move your legs from left to right doing several repetitions. Another of the most common exercises is to bend the knees to form a 90-degree angle with the body and move the leg back and forth several times. Remember that training in the water is a good treatment to overcome injuries and keep our body in shape, so do not hesitate to take advantage of it.


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