Can cycling cause testicular cancer?

That cycling can negatively impact the male genital area is one of the great concerns of men, are we facing a truth or a myth?

Is there a relationship between cycling and testicular cancer? This is one of the questions most men ask in a specialist’s office. Cases like that of Armstrong or Basso raised the alarm and today truths and false beliefs are mixed among bicycle fans.

“You have to distinguish professional amateur cycling, it is not the same to spend eight hours on a bicycle to ride a while, in any case, there may be a pain in the perineal area but never a tumor.” The factors that really influence the appearance of this type of cancer have to do with having been born with a hidden testicle, which has not descended into the scrotum, having had a tumor in one of them and genetic factors, “explains Dr. Fernando Gómez Sancha, director of ICUA of Clínica Centro, Instituto of Advanced Urology.

Although testicular cancer is not one of the most aggressive, in our country an average of 1000 cases are diagnosed per year, and men between 20 and 30 years are part of the risk group.

Early diagnosis is essential, caught in time has a 100% chance of success, so the specialist insists on the need for self-examination, as occurs in the case of women with breast cancer.

“It is vital to explore the testicles once a month, because although it does not cause pain if it can be felt.” In a relaxed posture, either lying down or in the bathtub, the surface of each of them should be covered with three fingers to rule out any lumps. suspicious, a lump similar to a chickpea, “advises the doctor.

On many occasions, they are blows while playing sports that bring to light the presence of a tumor. If it is recent it can be removed, being able to put a silicone prosthesis similar to those of the breasts. It must be avoided at all costs to extend, which would worsen the diagnosis.

In any case, cycling would not cause or be related to this problem. Athletes who love racing on two wheels can, on the other hand, have other types of ailments.

To avoid them, it is recommended to reinforce the saddle of the bicycle and use a prostate, since spending many hours on a conventional one makes it fit between two bones, where the pudendal nerve passes, producing pelvic pain and sometimes even erection problems, remember the expert. Fertility would not be affected but in some cases of the tumor.

“With a single testicle you can have children, but if you had to give chemotherapy, you can compromise fertility, so we recommend that the patient donate or freeze semen for the future,” says Dr. Gómez Sancha.

To avoid scares, it is best to prevent and be aware of any change. Of course, without leaving neither the sport in general nor cycling in particular.


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