Cyclist against runner: is coexistence possible?

They are probably the two largest groups of athletes that populate our streets, roads, and roads and often ‘collide’ when it comes to practicing their respective sports. Is’ peaceful ‘coexistence possible between’ cyclists and runners?

More than once and twice, when I went out to run I had the odd encounter with a cyclist, whether it was on a road, on a greenway or just down the street. Whose fault was it? Well, sometimes my and other times of the companion who rode by bike.

Before continuing I have to warn you that I am a runner and that I will try to make this post as objective as possible, I hope to achieve it. I think that both runners and cyclists are aware that our relationship is frankly improvable, but is it possible? I think it is.

My personal experience makes me think that each ‘group’ we believe on many occasions the ‘kings’ of the road. That wherever we travel is our domain and that everything must revolve around us and our needs as athletes. But we forget that we share these environments with other users and that is a serious mistake.

A lot of runners we like to run with our friends and go to animated charlet or simply go as a group occupying much of the roads. Sometimes we also occupy spaces that are intended ‘mainly’ for cyclists, such as the ‘bike lanes’. Sometimes we also believe that the streets are our athletics track and we run through them without thinking that there are more users who use them.

Many cyclists make the roads their particular ‘roads’. They accelerate and go at speeds that can cause accidents in the event of encountering a pedestrian, whether walking or running. Also, many times they are not aware that other people can use their ‘lanes’ for their own enjoyment and that seems to bother them.

Is it so difficult to reach a coexistence? I think not, it is quite easy and it only takes a bit of empathy and respect from both groups (well, it may not be so easy). To put ourselves in the place of the other, to think that besides ourselves there are more people who have the right to be able to travel and use the place for which I am practicing the sport that I like the most.

In this way, we would avoid uncomfortable encounters, accidents that can become very painful, confrontations, insults and situations that say a lot about how little solidarity we are sometimes with our peers. What does it cost us not to occupy the whole width of a road? What does it cost you not to believe ‘Peto’ Sagan and not go to everything that your legs give risking pedestrians? Why not think a little about others? At the end of the day, we are all athletes (or almost athletes) who enjoy a passion, different one from the other but passion after all.

Respect and we will be respected. We can not think that respect and understanding towards one go in one direction. We must put our part first so that the ‘others’ put theirs. I am convinced that there are many more things that unite us than those that separate us so we make an effort to live without bad faces, fuss, and insults. It is better to raise your hand, say hello and smile to another person who, like you, enjoys a sport (whatever it is).


So I put homework for you this summer, whether you are a runner or cyclist, say hello when you cross paths with one or the other, for sure a smile will not cost you anything and will make you feel much better. Let’s stop seeing ourselves as enemies, we are partners and as such we should behave.


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