Probably if you are reading this post is because you want to improve the speed running. Well because you are a runner or because you play a sport and you need to improve your speed. The truth is that, although it may seem difficult or impossible, the fact of being much faster, it is possible. With proper training, we will see how our rhythm increases little by little.

In what state are we?

This question is always fundamental when we want to achieve a sporting objective. It is not the same starting from a time without training, or just starting, that if we already have some workouts or races behind us. In any case, it is always possible to improve our speed.

The basic training to do it is training by series, which we will explain later. Although also, running on the treadmill will help us improve speed. It should be noted here that the tape is an option to improve the ‘brazen’ and the speed between each step.

Regardless of how we are in physical form, the training that we will explain can be done by almost anyone.


As we have said, the best way is to train the series. In this part it is essential that we use a stopwatch, it can be the mobile phone or the clock.

The first training consists of doing 4 sets of 100 meters each one of them. Between race and race, we will leave a time of rest that will vary according to our physical state. The important thing here is not that we tell you to take x seconds. But you yourselves are measuring your progress. For a week or two, we will practice these 4 × 100 series. Of course, before starting with the sprints of these series, we must warm up previously running a few minutes.

As we say, it is necessary to write down our records on a piece of paper or on the mobile phone. To check if we are improving in the seconds it takes to complete the 100 meters.

The second training will consist of doing 4 series of 200 meters. As in the previous case, we must record our records to check our evolution.

Actually, this training does not have much more mystery. It consists of increasing the meters as we improve speed. The ideal would be to endure between 800 meters and one kilometer at a sprint pace. But, this can take some training time.

Not only with these series can we improve running speed. Now we will explain the other two techniques that can help us. In the first place, if we go out to run the time or the distance that it is, within our race, we are going to introduce exercises of improvement of the speed. In this case, it is necessary to wear a watch, a wristband or a mobile that measures distance and time.


15 minutes mild race, 10 minutes average pace 3 minutes sprint. Repeat two or three times depending on our state.

If we think that this example of training seems too soft or too strong, we can personalize it ourselves. Always keeping in mind that it must be progressive. First smooth rhythm, which should be the longest we occupy, then medium pace and then sprints.

It may be that our fitness allows us to do 30 minutes of smooth running, 10 at a medium pace and 10 at a fast pace. As we say, we can customize it to better adapt it to our physical condition. In no case is it good to start directly with the sprints. In fact, before the series that we have explained it is necessary to run a few minutes to warm up.

Improve with the tape

Well, we have already explained two techniques that are complementary and that using both will help us improve the speed faster. Improving running speed using the tape is also possible. Generally, we take more strides per second on the tape than on the street or on the track. So it becomes a great ally.

The training in the tape is similar to the one we have explained in the normal race. But in this case, shortening the times. It can be 2 minutes smooth pace, 2 minutes average and 1 or 2 minutes of the sprint. We can repeat this several times. If you realize, what you work within the three pieces of training is with the sprint.

What influences the speed?

We can think that the weight influences, and yes in part it influences. But not quite. It is more determinant muscle mass. If we have muscular and worked legs we will be much more powerful running, although we weigh 10 kilos more than our competitor.

Logically if we have excess weight and fat if it influences. But, if we have more weight because it is muscles, it is better. As we have explained on other occasions, it is essential to perform strength exercises with the legs to avoid injuries. But also because they help improve running speed.

Finally, our sneakers and our running technique also influence. If we wear appropriate footwear based on our type of footprint and weighs little-there are specially designed sports to be fast-we will improve the speed. But also, the fact of having a correct posture also influences because of we are tireless and affects our speed.


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