This bicycle thus purifies polluted air

No more breathing the smoke from the exhaust pipe of the front, with this invention you can always breathe clean air while giving pedals

Apart from the traffic, what is one of the main problems that you encounter when you go by bike to the big cities? Yes, pollution. Admit it, you do not like anything to be forced to breathe all the smoke from the exhaust pipe of the car in front of you.

And it is that those who choose the bicycle as a means of transport contribute to getting cleaner air in the cities, but that does not exempt them from ‘swallowing’ while pedaling, all the pollution that is around them. At least, until now, because with the invention that we are going to show you, it is not only that you do not pollute, but that you also manage to purify the air that you breathe while doing sports.

From the study of the Dutch entrepreneur, Daan Roosegaarde has emerged the idea of ​​providing bicycles with an air cleaning system, similar to that used in hospitals, which helps to eliminate pollution and, in passing, the cyclist breathes air pure as it is put into operation each time it pedals.

The device, which cleans the air by ionization, is located at the front of the bike and expels clean air at the height of the cyclist’s face, which would allow him to use it also on days when the level of contamination is high. “It’s a perfect model,” Roosegaarde says, “since it has a double function: it cleans the air and reduces congestion.”

The project, presented at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China, is still in the early stages of development, but the prototype, which is being developed in collaboration with the Chinese University of Tongji, is expected to be completed. In October 2017. So these bikes will be circulating in the streets at the end of this year, first in Chinese cities and later in European cities.

The project also has great momentum in the Chinese market as it will be introduced by OFO, the largest shared bicycle program in China (it has more than 20 million registered users).

“The ultimate goal is to have around 2.5 million bicycles ‘pollution-free’ in a city like Beijing, to help reduce pollution between 5 and 15 percent in the next two years,” says Roosegaarde.

The experience

Although we still have to wait a few months to know how the project is developing, the fact is that Roosgarde’s study is backed by experience since they were responsible for the creation of the Pollution Free Tower, construction of seven meters capable of filtering and purifying in one day a volume of air equivalent to that occupied by a football stadium, and presented in Beijing last year.

Who knows if this bicycle will not be the small big step that is needed to establish the two wheels as the main means of transportation in the cities …


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