Eating Disorders: The Number Of Under 20s Admitted To Hospitals Has Increased By 50%

Eating disorders: the number of under-20s admitted to hospitals has increased by 50%

According to a BBC investigation, the amount of young people in England with eating disorders who end up in hospital has increased during the pandemic.

According to NHS Digital data, the number of under-20s admitted in the previous year surpassed 3,200, a figure that is about 50% more than in 2019-20.

Hospitals are warning that there are not enough beds to care for these patients.

As the number of referrals has increased, so have the wait times for community therapy.

One major children’s hospital admitted that it had to place fragile youngsters on ordinary wards due to a lack of expert employees to care for them.

What exactly is an eating disorder?

Eating Disorders Information and Support

According to mental health organizations, the epidemic, and particularly lockdowns, has had a terrible impact on vulnerable young people, increasing their fear and loneliness.

This has resulted in an increase in the number of persons developing eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, as well as a deterioration in many children who were already diagnosed with those problems.

NHS officials stated that services were working hard to satisfy demand.

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